Market Research

Postgraduate-level market research to inform your strategy and provide a deeper understanding of the key qualitative insights related to your consumers, industry and competitors.

Writing and Presentations

Emails, brochures, decks, presentations, blogs, and other types of copy designed and written according to your preferred style --be it technical, academic, or something a little more creative/informal.

Project Management

Effective and efficient project management at any or all stage/s: initiation and planing; execution and quality assurance; delivery and documentation; post-delivery monitoring.

Social Media Management

Content and social media management (planning, curation, creation), social listening, and community engagement measured against select KPIs to strengthen your brand and grow your reach. 

Marketing Automation

Extra support for your marketing automation needs, whether its building email campaigns on MailChimp or lead generation/reactivation programs on Marketo -- let's come up with an automation strategy best for you!

Space to Learn & Grow

I'm easy to train, I learn fast, and I'm great at adapting!

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